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Chemotherapy is the treatment by the administration of chemical drugs. The major difficulty is finding drugs that will destroy cancer cells without harming normal cells.

Three main types of chemicals are used:

  • Those that interfere with cancer cells’ reproductive process
  • Those that interfere with the cells’ metabolic process
  • Those that increase the natural resistance of the body to the tumor cell

We administer chemo in 5 ways

  • Intravenous
  • Intra – Arterial
  • Tablet form
  • Intra-muscular
  • Subcutaneous


Established in 2007, the Chemo Infusion Centre at Paramount Healthcare is a new facility with state-of-the-art services and amenities to offer the latest techniques, technology as well as maximum patient comfort.

Our Oncology centre boasts with highly qualified nurses whose relentless care, commitment and dedication to patients goes beyond reasoning.  We also offer on-site counselling during and after sessions to patients as part of the treatment protocol in dealings with the illness.  Even though the Infusion Centre averages 85 chemo-therapy treatments a month, patient's waiting is kept to a limit.

Chemo Patient

The Paramount Healthcare Infusion Centre staff work closely with the Namibian Ministry Of Health and Social Services and various Oncology Centre's in South Africa to ensure consistency in treatment and to stay abreast of latest research.

Paramount Healthcare Centre also work closely with the Cancer Assosiation of Nambia.

At Paramount Healthcare Centre we believe in following an integrated treatment approach by providing clinical, psychological and emotional support to patients.

We have a team of highly skilled oncologists together with our clinical staff provide world class cancer (chemo & radiation) treatment to patients to ensure the best healthcare outcome available. All patients undergoing chemotherapy will at all times have a doctor on call and are encouraged to become actively involved in their treatment by participation and asking questions.

Available Oncologists:

Through our alliance with South African Oncology Centres we have access to a world class oncologists.


Dr J Msirikale

Dr J Msirikale

Dr J Msirikale, joined the Paramount Healthcare Centre Oncology team during 2020


MD MMed in Radiotherapy and Oncology

Diploma in Palliative Medicine

Dr Msirikale in his capacity as Radiation Oncologist has joined the Paramount Healthcare Centre clinical team with effect February 2020. Dr Msirikale comes with more than 25 years of experience adding value to the current Oncology and Chemotherapy services provided by Paramount Healthcare Centre for the past 14 years.


Dr A Zietsman

Dr Annelle Zietsman

Dr Annelle Zietsman, qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1977 and has been working in Medical Oncology in Windhoek since July 1981.  Dr Zietsman feels strongly about holistic cancer care for all Namibians. Prevention, early detection, comprehensive cancer treatment, palliative, and supportive care.


She joined the Paramount Healthcare Centre in 2008 and has since assisted us to reach our objective of providing access to affordable & high-quality healthcare for all Namibians.

Chemotherapy Infusion services at Paramount Healthcare Centre


Established in 2007, the chemo infusion centre at Paramount Healthcare is a new facility with state-of-the-art services and amenities to offer latest techniques, technology as well as maximum patient comfort.

Our Chemotherapy Infusion Center consists of a private setting hosting cancer patients who all share a common illness and quest for betterment and cure. The setting provides patients the opportunity for relaxation during treatment. Prolonged chemotherapy sessions are performed in the Paramount Sub-Acute Center where patients are admitted as day or half day patients without having to be hospitalized.

Our centre is staffed by a highly qualified nurses whose care, commitment and dedication to patients goes beyond reasoning. We also offer on-site counseling during and after sessions to patients as part of the treatment protocol in dealing with the illness.

At Paramount Healthcare Centre we recognize the importance of providing services on schedule and do our best to minimize waiting times for both physician and treatment visits. The hours of operation for the infusion area are Monday to Friday 07:00 to 16:00.

Administration of chemotherapy requires a multitude of safety checks. Here are just some of the checks we make:

  • Verify the availability and completeness of chemotherapy orders as provided by the attending Oncologist;
  • Verify that the patient's laboratory values (blood counts) are within acceptable ranges to receive chemotherapy;
  • Recalculate the patient’s body surface area for an accurate height and weight calculation for dosing;
  • Ensure that the patient has received education on chemotherapy and that he or she consents to the therapy;

Even though the Infusion Centre averages 85 chemotherapy treatments a month—patient waiting is kept to a minimum.

We do everything within our power to welcome you, get you seated in one of our infusion stations and take your vitals within the first 5 to 10 minutes that you enter our area. Efficiency is optimized, yet our compassion and gentle nature are never sacrificed. Chances are, from the time we greet you and seat you, until we start to treat you, it will likely take 20 minutes or less.

Oncology Staff

Each day, the sister responsible for synchronizing all of the schedules begins his or her day by reviewing schedules for patients who are to receive chemotherapy that day. In addition, she then coordinates with doctors and pharmacy staff which patients will be treated that day and can plan for chemo orders that need to be mixed. Pharmacist and sister subsequently mix chemo treatments according to the time when patients are scheduled to receive their chemo in our own “Lamenar flow machine” specifically designed for mixing high scheduled drugs. The sister also ensures that everything is in order before the patient arrives, including if the patient has performed the necessary lab work and if the doctor wishes to put the patient on a new drug.

The Paramount Healthcare Infusion Centre staff works closely with the Namibian Ministry of Health and various Oncology Centers in South Africa to ensure consistency in treatment, and stay abreast of latest research.

Paramount Healthcare Chemotherapy Infusion Center is indeed proud and privileged to be one of only a few recognized and licensed Chemotherapy Infusion Specialist Units in Namibia. Our relationship with the Ministry of Health, Medical Aid Funds and various medical professionals makes us “the provider of choice”.

“Together we Care”

Brachetherapy a first for Namibia Cancer Patients

Taking hands with local specialists in ground-breaking treatment of prostate cancer!

Am I a candidate for “Prostate brachytherapy”. # Will I benefit from radioactive seeds?

Prostate brachytherapy is a form of radiation therapy used to treat prostate cancer. Prostate brachytherapy involves placing “seeds” containing radiation in the prostate gland close to the cancer cells.  In other words, brachytherapy is a form of radiotherapy where a sealed radiation source is placed inside or next to the area requiring treatment.

Brachytherapy is commonly used as an effective treatment for cervical, prostate, breast, and skin cancer and can also be used to treat tumors in many other body sites.  The goal of prostate brachytherapy is to place the radiation close to the cancer cells, where the radiation can kill the cancer cells while causing less damage to healthy tissue nearby.

The procedure (prostate)

Brachytherapy is performed under general or spinal anaesthesia and during the treatment, the patient lies in a gynaecological position, on the back with spread legs. In HDR brachytherapy, the patient is taken to the operating room and plastic catheters are inserted through the perineum (area between the testicles and the anus) and into the prostate while the patient is under anesthesia (see picture below). An ultrasound probe is inserted into the rectum to visualize the prostate and to make sure the catheters are placed in the proper positions and a Foley catheter is placed to visualize the bladder and drain urine. The treatment catheters and Foley catheter remain in place during the entire treatment. A CT scan is then obtained and used by a team of physicists and radiation oncologists to verify the catheter placement and generate the treatment plan (how long the radioactive source will remain in place).  Thin needles will be introduced in the prostate, through the perineum (space located between the scrotum and the anus). Radioactive seeds are then located through the hollow needles in determined positions into the prostate. Depending on the prostate volume, 50 to 120 seeds could be placed in the gland.

Previously, patients with prostate cancer qualifying for brachytherapy had to travel to South Africa for treatment, as the procedure was not available in Namibia.  This was and still is inconvenient for patients as well as costly, as the additional travel and accommodation cost adds to the overall treatment cost.  By providing prostate cancer patients access to brachytherapy in Namibia patients will no longer be required to travel to South Africa as this world class treatment will be available in Namibia through local partnerships with specialists established by Paramount healthcare Centre. Procedures are scheduled once a month and from January to November.

Paramount Healthcare Centre Pty LTD has also been licensed with the Namibian Radiation Authority of Namibia (NAMRAD) to import, store, and utilize the radioactive “seeds” and as such, Paramount Healthcare Centre is responsible for all logistical and procurement arrangements of the radioactive material.   The specialists performing these procedures have collectively in excess of 20 years brachytherapy experience and therefore, Namibian patients with prostate cancer is extremely fortunate to have their skills and expertise available in Namibia. And since becoming available in September 2017, more than 12 patients have benefited from this specialized treatment.

Authorization and Accounts department

Consultation sessions with Oncologists are payable on the day of the consultation and payment can be made with the receptionist on the day of the consultation prior to the consultation. The amount payable will be the difference between the NAMAF benchmark tariffs and the rate charged by the Oncologists. Cost of infusions are normally covered at 100% of actual costs.

Paramount Healthcare Centre accepts all Medical Aid Funds, as well as Psemas, in accordance with the NAMAF benchmark rates.

GVI Oncology offices are situated in Windhoek and expanded to Oshakati. A full time Clinical and Radiation Oncologist is on call. Oshakati patients are overseen by a private Physician Extender. Please call our Windhoek branch for information.

These doctors work closely together with the GVI Oncologists “Centre of Excellent for Breast Cancer and Health - Combined Clinic:”

Paramount Healthcare Center and GVI Oncology pride themselves on our inclusive approach to cancer care and would like to encourage you to reach out to our team with any questions or problems.

Our team of highly skilled oncologists and clinical staff will be dealing with your cancer in a holistic way to ensure the best healthcare possible and we’d like to invite you to become an active member of this team by participating in making treatment decisions, asking questions to your oncologist and other team members, always remembering that no question is insignificant. Understanding your team is the first step in the journey with us.

We strive towards and are committed to:

  • Treating you and your family with dignity and respect.
  • Facilitating interaction between you, your family and the medical team to better understand one another’s needs and concerns.
  • Helping you and your family participate in your care to the level you desire and in accordance with best practice.
  • Directing you to the other resources that you may need from time to time relating to your diagnosis.

Oncology hours

Below are the official Operating Hours for the Paramount Healthcare Center Oncology division.

  • Monday - Friday 08:00 to 17:00


Below is the Contact Details for the Oncology division.

  • Oncology 061 2871188
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