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Speech Therapy

Imagine not being able to communicate, not being able to express your thoughts and feelings, or not being able to understand what someone else is saying to you…

Communication is a complex aspect of human behaviour. A child or adult with a communication disorder may encounter many obstacles to learning, communicating and employment. Speech and Language Therapy thus forms an integral part of rehabilitation and normal functioning.

Speech and Language Therapists also specialise in helping patients with swallowing difficulties that can result from strokes or head injury.

When to refer to Speech and Language Therapy for rehabilitation…

  • ARTICULATION: Unclear Speech
  • DYSFLUENCY: Stuttering
  • LANGUAGE: Difficulty expressing him/herself
  • VOICE: Changes in vocal quality
  • AUGMENTATIVE & ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION: Finding alternate means of communication for patients who are unable to communicate verbally
  • LANGUAGE & COGNITIVE REHABILITATION: Post TBI – memory, orientation and other executive functions
  • DYSARTHRIA: Motor speech disorders due to facial weakness, usually after a stroke or TBI
  • APRAXIA: Motor planning disorder
  • APHASIA: Language disorder after a stroke after involving word finding difficulties; can vary from mild to severe
  • DYSPHAGIA: Swallowing difficulties post stroke or TBI
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